Always-on business activity reports.

Because business can be messy and chaotic and you’ve got more important things to do than chase updates and act on unreliable numbers.





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Understand the state
of your business

Measure_your business activity

Create tasks and targets within State (or integrate your apps) and capture the status of everything you need to measure.

Report_the data and the detail

State provides live reporting of your business activity, coupled with essential context. Giving you the fullest picture of performance.

Broadcast_ the state of play where it matters

Every day, every week or every month, State puts reports in the hands of your stakeholders allowing them to digest, understand and direct focus to where it's needed most.


Change the state
of your business

Stop chasing updates

You've got more important things to do. State does the chasing on your behalf, delivering the status you need to know, when you need to know it.

Make remote work

Distributed people, distributed data. Modern business teams are disjointed, working asynchronously, using myriad tools. State centralises your world.

With status comes power

Armed with reliable data and context, you and your team are empowered to make smarter decisions.

Re-establish rhythm

The chaos of ad-hoc reporting has gone. Set reports to compile and deliver to the natural rhythm of your business so you can stay on the beat, or get in front of it.

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